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About Marcia

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Marcia Rhode helps people live more fulfilling and productive lives — professional and personal. Her passion and purpose are to help individuals – and teams comprised of individuals – find and focus their strengths to achieve personal success. And then, in turn, to help others.

Life is so much more than “getting by” or “hanging on” through inevitable ups and downs. Life is about finding meaning and joy in the context of our relationships, families, vocations, and personal passions.

Each individual has their own unique path. Marcia’s passion is to help you find, define, and realize that path with hope, clarity, courage, and authenticity. Her training and experience, coupled with her ability to deeply listen and provide perceptive insights, offers her clients strong and compassionate support for attaining their goals.

“When we each do better, we all do better.” This is true for individuals, families, work teams and communities. The only person we can change is ourselves, which is excellent news for those willing to start the journey to a more fulfilling and successful life experience.

The only person who can make your life better is you. Discovering your strengths and aspirations, along with a willingness to explore perspectives, enhances self-knowledge and confidence that in turn brings joy and leads to greater personal and professional success.

“I strongly believe in the ‘daisy chain’ of life, that we all have the ability – and responsibility – to help others around us. And the best way we can help others is to develop and mature our own strengths.”

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