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Systemic Team Coaching

Systemic Team Coaching® is more than team building. It is a powerful and effective process that enhances the performance of individual team members, the leader, and the wider organizational ecosystem.

Teams are the lifeblood of every organization. When a team is struggling, it impacts the organization, customers, and stakeholders. Communication breakdowns and lack of consensus on common purpose underlie many team challenges, leading to distrust, lower productivity, and poor morale.

Systemic Team Coaching has emerged to help teams make lasting and qualitative improvements. The team is supported to align on a common purpose, develop collective leadership, achieve performance objectives, and effectively engage with stakeholders.

The Difference is Systemic

Unlike 1:1 coaching, Systemic Team Coaching focuses on how the team works together both as a unit and with stakeholders. This perspective can help:

How Does it Work?

The systemic team coach guides the team through multiple “lenses”, from individual to team, to stakeholders, and the wider systemic context, enabling the team to think beyond themselves and consider the organization and its stakeholders as a seamlessly connected whole. This approach creates new pathways for a team to navigate and meet today’s complex challenges and rapidly changing demands.

Team leaders must be focused on customers, stakeholders, management responsibilities, as well as individual team member concerns. Often, there is little time to develop the team as a unit to able to move to a higher of performance.

Who Needs Team Coaching?

Team Challenges

How a Team Coach can Help

  1. A fresh look at the relationships and connections between the leader, the team, and its stakeholders, offering the team leader opportunity to step back and gain perspective on what is or is not working well in team meetings and interactions.
  2. Supporting team leaders as they explore how they add value and discover which behaviors are getting in the way.
  3. Bringing awareness of the collective team dynamic, providing coaching to team members and relationships between them.
  4. Less expensive than individual coaching!

Is your team is ready to stop "fixing problems" and start creating enduring solutions?

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Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is the process of helping another person achieve their personal and/or professional goals.

Unlike a sports coach who focuses on providing direction to improve performance, professional coaching is a partnership between coach and client where the client sets the agenda. The goal of coaching is to help people learn to create lasting, positive changes.

Why Personal Coaching?

Working with a coach can help uncover barriers to success and offer support in making changes. There are many reasons a person may search for a coach.

My purpose is to help clients develop their personal and professional effectiveness by providing support and guidance to better meet life changes and transitions, ultimately empowering you to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.

About Marcia

Marcia brings an extensive background in business and organizational systems development, change management and project team leadership to her clients. Her experience includes consulting to Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations as a business systems development and integration consultant. She was CEO of a business intelligence consultancy. She is an expert in data analysis and design and strategic planning and has worked with dozens of teams across a variety of industries and pay grades.

Her experience equips her to help guide business improvements focused on people and process changes. Her facilitation and coaching skills help build stronger teams that work together toward common organizational goals.  

Marcia holds a master’s degree in organizational management and development and is an executive coach credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

What Is a Coaching Session with Me Like?

A coaching session with me begins with identifying your specific issue or goal. You set the agenda. Through active listening, thoughtful questioning, and background in positive psychology, I support you on your journey to new insights and practical steps toward reaching desired outcomes. The first consultation is free and is when you can discuss your goals and decide if a coaching with me is right for you.

I serve the greater Southwest and West Coast regions; clients need not be in Austin. I’m available by phone or Zoom, scheduled at your convenience. Email me today to set up your free 30-minute consultation.

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