Marcia helps teams and individuals looking for ways to find the best in themselves and others. Her unusual mix of business experience and education, coupled with her perceptiveness equip her mentor her clients toward positive change.

Project team and corporate failures most often result from “people” issues, politics, and poor communication (i.e., lack of common understanding). The road to improving group outcomes is through each individual.

Fortunately, there are practical and proven methods that can improve individual satisfaction and team effectiveness. Marcia understands that it really is the small, seemingly insignificant changes that can bring about huge benefits. For teams, clear boundaries, roles and mutual understanding of goals are critical to success. For individuals, defining goals and making a personal commitment to oneself is pivotal. Marcia’s commitment to her clients is to be a guide and mentor through their stages of uncertainty to clarity and action.

Organizational Consulting & Coaching

As an organizational development consultant and strategist, Marcia brings an extensive background working with IT and business teams. Her versatility and “think outside the box” approach offers her clients new ways to address their particular concerns. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Global, virtual, and multi-cultural team best practices
  • Tech teams where the problem & solution are rooted in people, politics, and personalities, not the technology
  • Organizational development for team effectiveness and individual satisfaction
  • Teams undergoing merger/acquisition or re-tooling
  • Inter-and intra-team communication and cooperation.

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

Marcia’s goal as a personal coach and mentor is to help her clients sort through their concerns, goals and barriers to find a happier, more productive lives, which she does through active listening, asking the right questions, and applying her training in positive psychology. Marcia’s approach is guide her clients to self-discovery, insights, and practical steps toward reaching desired outcomes.


  • Achieving personal and professional success concurrent with health issues, family crises, chronic pain, eldercare, and other real-life challenges
  • Navigating career transitions
  • Overcoming career, financial, and personal setbacks
  • Transitioning from physical & family trauma
  • Finding joy and purpose

Marcia serves the greater Southwest and West Coast regions; clients need not be in Austin. She’s available by phone or Skype at your convenience. Email her today to set up your free 30-minute consultation.

Fee structure available upon request.